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Every Monday in December!

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Holiday Schedule

December 20th 12pm – 10pm
December 21st 10-am – 11 pm
December 22nd 12pm – 8 pm
December 23rd 10am – 8 pm
Christmas Eve 10am – 5pm
*Christmas Day CLOSED*
December 26th 10am – 10pm
December 27th 10am – 10pm
December 28th 10am – 11pm
December 29th 12pm – 8pm
December 30th 10am – 8pm
New Years Eve 10am – 6pm
New Years Day 12pm – 8pm
*Jumping Beans 10am – 12pm
January 2nd 10am – 10pm
January 3rd 10am – 10pm
January 4th return to normal schedule

Battle Beams

Foam Pits

Slam Dunk